Don’t try to speak my language

Recently, I went to an outlet mall and ran into a surprising problem–that ticked me off to no end. It’s something I wouldn’t be surprised to face when I’m in the city and there are some obnoxious people around me, but the setting and situation were a bit different. This was a nice outlet mall, […]

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I propose a day!

A day when girls don’t talk in high-pitched voices, instead opting for a monotonous tone like Daria. I call this Be a Bad Bitch Day. I think all girls should embrace their inner bitch on this day. And it should be a once-a-week thing, so then girls get used to it and can adopt it […]

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The story behind my name ‘enniya’

You’ve heard me talk about my oldest and dearest friend before, right? Her name is Liza and she’s one of the most amazing people ever–always bright, cheery, and optimistic with an admirable touch of resilience, determination, and stubbornness–and we have known each other since we were nine (we’re twenty-six now, but again, what’s age anyway). […]

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My love for Nancy Drew games

Get to know me better! So you already know that I was a big aficionado of reading since basically birth, but did you know that that led me into being a huge Nancy Drew fan? I loved reading the mystery books (which, for the longest time, I was positive was written by one person named […]

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