I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award! & here are my nominations!

Okay to be completely transparent, I was nominated a while back by my good blogger friend, Nat (Just a Nervous Girl), whom you probably saw me having very length conversations with all over my blog, but am just getting around to finishing this up and posting it. Thanks, Nat!!! This is truly an honor<3

At first, I was so excited I started right away and pretty much finished the whole “I got nominated” process, but then I found out the deadline for it was in December and like the lazy person I am, I was like, “Oh, cool,” and put it off for weeks. To be fair (to myself), I am very deadline-driven (for you employee hunters out there), but when I found out the deadline was almost a year away, c’monnnn.

Now I’m finally finishing it up so I can also nominate my fellow bloggers (one of whom I told I was nominating like WEEKS ago and is probably now like, “ALL LIES,” but no, no, no, it’s finally here!) and let them get a head start on this whole fun process!

Questions by Nat for Moi:

1) What is one thing you learned today?

I learned that the “80% off everything” sign on a storefront will always mean “80% off select items.” How is this legal. And how does this make sense?! In large letters: “80% off EVERYTHING.” In small letters: “On select items.” That’s literally the opposite of “everything.”

2) What is the last television show you watched? If you haven’t watched anything recently, what’s the last thing you listened to?

The last show I completed was The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu! So. Good. Very worth the hype.

3) What animal do you wish you could be?

A dog. I sometimes envy my dog because he sleeps, eats, poops, then sleeps again and everyone loves him unconditionally, like so, so much that he gets annoyed by us.

4) Name something you hated as a child but ended up loving as an adult.

Dresses and skirts? I still wear them rarely, but I appreciate them more now, whereas I refused to wear them as a kid.

5) Where were you born?

Manhattan, NY, but I’m a proud Jersey girl hahaha

6) If you could go back into any point of time in your life and revisit one event (but not change anything about it), what would it be?

The day I went to pick up my puppy. I was so excited. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

7) If you had a past life, what era would have you lived in?

Maybe the 20s because it seemed very glamorous and free, and I think the economy was good at the time? Women were being more independent and I don’t drink much, anyway, so the prohibition wouldn’t bother me at all.

8) Name one song you have listened to more than 5 times in the past month.

Banner’s “Start a Riot.” I first heard it on Lucifer, liked it, then realized it was the best song to fall asleep to. Put it on repeat, and it’s like you’re being hugged to sleep.

9) On your blog, revisit your very first published post and describe it using one adjective.


10) What is one fictional universe you would love to be a character in?

This is making me think so hard because I’m thinking so realistically about it. Like I’d love to be in X-men and have cool powers, but I don’t want to look blue or anything and be hunted down by the government. Maybe Sailor Moon because I’ll have a cool transformation scene, get to announce myself self-importantly every time, and take down bad guys in like two minutes. Plus, talking cats. Oh, I’ll be in Sabrina, Melissa Joan Hart’s version because powers and no bad guys.

11) List a snack you would recommend to someone.

Hot Fries. Before there were the flaming Hot Cheetos, there were Hot Fries. So good.

11 random facts about myself

  1. I hate pickles and cucumbers in my food for the most part. I will gag and want to throw up.
  2. My favorite flowers go sunflowers, hydrangeas, and peonies.
  3. I hate roller coasters with a passion. Someone steer me to the bumper cars.
  4. My favorite author is fantasy YA author, Tamora Pierce.
  5. Pet peeve: When Jersey girls go, “I’m a city girl.” Hahahahahahahaha no.
  6. I can’t swim. I hate the pressure of water on my chest.
  7. I played the clarinet in my high school marching band.
  8. My Myers-Briggs personality is INFJ-T (btw, there are so many of us on the net).
  9. I can’t watch horror movies because I have an overactive imagination. And those damn jump scares.
  10. My favorite K-pop group is G-Friend.
  11. I love MINT EVERYTHING. Peppermint hot chocolate. Peppermint tea. Mint gum. Mint me, baby!

Bloggers I want to nominate:

  1. Damn, Girl 
  2. Bry Jaimea 
  3. The Pages of Paige 
  4. Eunitato 
  5. Val Boyko 
  6. the whirly girl 
  7. INFJoe 
  8. The Freedom of Choices
  9. Better 30’s Project 
  10. When Women Inspire 
  11. The Wonder Forest 

I would totally nominate Nat back ’cause her blog is great, but she’s already been nominated so will give others a chance!

My 11 Questions for My Nominees:

  1. What does your ideal home look like?
  2. If you had to describe your ideal self with five words that begin with K, what would they be?
  3. If you could only be good at one thing and terrible at everything else, what would that one thing be?
  4. If you could be a dog, what breed would you be?
  5. If you could give your younger self one word of advice, what would it be?
  6. Which Marvel superhero do you relate to the most?
  7. What is your best piece of advice regarding fear?
  8. What is your biggest grammar pet peeve?
  9. What do you think is the best positive affirmation to say daily?
  10. When looking back on your life at the end of it, what word would you like to use to describe your life?
  11. What other languages do you want to learn?

I look forward to reading all your answers! Thanks again to Nat for nominating me!

7 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award! & here are my nominations!

  1. Yes, it’s finally here!! The post! XD I feel flattered you mentioned me so many times. I laughed at the note about our long comment discussions. I hope no one reading your blog is put off by that. And awwww you consider me a blogger friend. 😘 I consider you as such too but didn’t want to say it and be potentially wrong about our acquaintance if it was like a one-sided thing lol.

    Woah, what… I didn’t know the 80% off everything was a total lie. That’s crazy. Sadly I have not gotten past the first ep of Handmaiden’s Tale yet. I will get there eventually.. I find it endearing that a dog can get away with anything just for being cute haha. I remember the times I had to clean up after my former dog’s messes but five minutes later I would want to snuggle him. XD I was a dress girl in childhood and gradually became a jeans/pants girl. Now I’m somewhere inbetween. One thing I used to hate wearing were shorts. Come summer, I’m putting those on. And hot fries!! Those were always too spicy for me but once I somehow ate a whole bag on my own. I miss eating cheetos puffs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha sorry it took so long xD and of course I consider you a blogger friend! ;D We have such long conversations and we can relate a lot haha

      I’m pretty sure it’s a lie most of the time, but maybe not all the time. Just make sure to read the fine print! As they say, if it sounds too good to be true.. it probably is 😦 The show is hard to binge watch, for sure. I took my time with it.

      And yeah dogs are the best! Mine will bite me and I’ll get really upset then ten minutes later go crawling back, hoping to get back in his good graces LOL

      love/hate relationships with shorts! They’re uncomfortable and usually too tight around the thighs so they bulge uncomfortably ahaha and omg when I sit.. my thighs just expand xD but whatever, they keep me cool!

      Hot fries are the best! They deserve more love!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re not late. ☺ I think I was just too excited to read your award post, hehe, so I went overboard with the exclamation points in my last comment blurb.

        My thighs bulge too when I sit down in shorts LOL. I like shorts in summer because it helps to beat the heat (I didn’t mean to rhyme that…), however, I have noticed certain creeps see shorts as an unspoken invitation to catcall at me. It’s gross. 😑

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw hehe well I hope my award post was worth the wait! Never can go overboard with exclamation points. Let the excitement SCREAM!!!! haha

        Yeahhh sucks how women have to think about (or just automatically think about) undesirable reactions from people around when we dress a certain way :\ I can get pretty self-conscious, too. I don’t like that. Wish people would keep their eyes to themselves. But even with people close to me, I can get self-conscious xD like I would dress like a bum for a while then I usually want to dress up for a change, so I’d do then get annoyed by comments on it. Why do people care? Just say I look nice or something, don’t be all, “Ooh, hot date?” or whatever, geez. Nosy, unless you’re like a close girl friend or something and we have like a comfortable dynamic. I find it kind of creepy/sleazy when men ask, but I guess it could depend on how they ask, too, to be fair…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It’s weird how people can assume you’re going out on a date if you’re wearing something different than your usual clothes. My reaction when that happens to me is to wonder why people go for that assumption and never consider I am wearing my new blouse or earrings because it makes me feel good, damnit, and it’s not to impress any man lol. True, being asked certain questions by the opposite gender can be uncomfortable. The tone and manner in how they ask can be helpful or harmful.


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