Yo soy una eavesdropper

So here’s the thing that I find kind of amusing about myself (I mean, I’m plenty amusing in a not-to-make-fun-of-but-enjoy-the-company-of way). I noticed that I don’t really eavesdrop on people, but when people are speaking Spanish near me, I’m immediately alert like the language sets off these antennae in my ears and I have to pay close attention.

I think this is because I’ve always liked Spanish and prided myself in having been a good student in it for most of my life. I started learning it in the 4th grade (very basic stuff at first), so it’s been almost two decades. I took AP Spanish in high school, got a 5 on the exam somehow (I have no idea, don’t ask me how), took it for one year in college, then stopped because I got a bit tired of it, to be honest. College offered a great variety of new things to learn, so I wanted to expand my horizons. However, this meant that I slowly started to lose my Spanish. I think I’ve retained enough to speak very basic Spanish, but it’s very sad how much I’ve forgotten over the years.

That’s partly the reason I like to eavesdrop on people speaking Spanish: to see how much I can understand because having been a good scholar of Spanish in no way meant that I was a fluent Spanish speaker. I think the hardest part has always been understanding spoken Spanish, so I like to see how much I can understand people who are speaking Spanish conversationally.

I can usually pick up words here and there, enough to form some sort of idea about what they’re talking about, but I can never understand everything completely. This might totally be creepy, but I can’t comprehend everything so it’s not really nosy eavesdropping, right? Right?? It’s for research, of course.

Anyway… Yo pensé que ustedes quieren saber este… por alguna razón… Pueden éntenderme? Olvidé mucho y quiero llorar… Que triste…

^Clearly there has to be some subjunctive conjugation up there, but I’ve failed you. And accents are possibly and probably not all correct.



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