Things that annoy me about public bathrooms

Public bathrooms can be the public’s enemy. Any horror stories you want to share?


After years working at a corporate office, it’s amazing the things I’ve witnessed when using public bathrooms. You learn that things aren’t as cut and dry as you thought they were all your life – that common sense might not be so common, after all. Of course who’s really to say what’s truly socially unacceptable and what’s the norm? Regardless, here are a few things that annoy me or just befuddle me when using public bathrooms! (Warning: it might be a bit gross but oh wells!)

When people immediately go right to the handicapped stall.

Unless you’re actually handicapped, old, overweight, with child, literally there with a child, or completely disgusted by all the other stalls because people can’t practice common hygiene (which does happen), you should not be going in the handicapped bathroom. That’s just rude and clearly not what that stall is for. Do you think it’s a luxurious…

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