enniya the photographer is coming your way!

Introducing my first photography series!

I’ve always been interested in photography as a hobby (definitely not as a career, although I’m sure it’d help me shoot videos). Since I have a DSLR and inexpensive accessory packs like a set of lens and reflectors, I enlisted the help of my friend, Chris, who is very into photography and has been pursuing this hobby and honing his skills for a while now. Last weekend, we went to a part of New Jersey with a beautiful view of the New York City skyline (ha, sorry NYC that the only way we can repay you with is a view of our own shitty skyline) with another friend, Sachi, who was to be our model! Although the overall concept was supposed to be summer goddess, he was basically tutoring me on different lighting, angles, and methods, so the pictures turned out to be quite versatile. I learned a lot, and it was a beautiful day out!

I’m going to be sharing my pictures in batches, based on the subgenres of the shoot, so look forward to those! And once again, I’d like to thank Chris and Sachi for helping me out. I’m very excited to learn more and plan out future photo shoots.

Constructive criticism is of course welcome–after all, that’s how I can learn and grow! Keep an eye out for the first batch after I finish up my edits.


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