Challenge accepted!

Now that I’m more used to blogging on the reg, I think it’s time to set up a challenge for myself. After all, the point of writing frequently is to also improve myself as a writer, thinker, person (weeeell), and more, right? I’ve been hitting this wall when it comes to writing ever since my […]

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Yo soy una eavesdropper

So here’s the thing that I find kind of amusing about myself (I mean, I’m plenty amusing in a not-to-make-fun-of-but-enjoy-the-company-of way). I noticed that I don’t really eavesdrop on people, but when people are speaking Spanish near me, I’m immediately alert like the language sets off these antennae in my ears and I have to […]

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Why two halves of a whole?

Although I don’t have much experience in the love department, I don’t buy into or like the romantic notion that two soulmates are halves that make up one whole. There are so many songs and movie lines that use this “You’re my other half” or “You complete me” idea, but I think that this is […]

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