My First World Problems #2: is this the arctic?

I don’t understand the obsessions with A/C. It’s just too much! Yes, it’s summer so it’s hot; yes, the humidity is absolutely disgusting and I can’t stand it. Still, there’s no reason to blast so much A/C all day long.

I’m more of a fan girl myself (ha, that was unintentional), but I understand the desire to turn on the A/C once in a while. It works like charm to suck the air dry of that damn humidity and cool down the body. I just don’t understand why offices and stores blast it on high all day long. I’ll be wearing shorts outside, dressed to keep as cool as possible, then I’ll be freezing like it’s the arctic as soon as I step indoors, yearning–absolutely yearning–for one of those puffy marshmallow jackets. My sweat will just ice over as soon as I step inside (pretty picture, eh?).

If they keep the A/C on medium, everything should be fine. Then maybe, as the day progresses and the temperature indoors is cool enough, the A/C can automatically come to a lull or go on low or go to sleep periodically whenever it reaches a certain number. When I’m in the car, I keep moderating the A/C like I’m on DJ duties (gotta get less of that bass). Can office buildings let each office inside adjust its own temperature? Because it’s pretty terrible to go to work and not have any control over the frigidity in there. It’s not really good, either, for people to go back and forth between a really hot and a really cold environment. I don’t understand the logic. Wouldn’t the office building overall save money if a few offices choose to use less A/C? There’s no way any office in there could use more A/C, that’s for sure.

This much A/C just spikes up electricity costs and is not good for the environment. It seems like common sense: less A/C = less electricity costs = less harm to the environment. You would think the world would have this figured out by now! But alas, we shall all continue to wear summer-appropriate attire outside while lugging around thick sweaters or shawls for the arctic indoors because flawed logic.



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