Childhood friends to lovers

This is not a romantic story of how I became a significant other to a childhood friend or anything like that. This is me saying… I don’t get it, I don’t like it. Which is strange to me, too, because I used to be like, “Awwww that’s so cute! What a cute story!” when I […]

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You know that annoying thing all minorities have to go through, where someone stares at them with narrowed eyes and ask, “Where are you from?” and then they squirm uncomfortably because that’s not really what the person is asking? You tell the person, “Oh, California,” and then the interrogator is like, “No, where are you really […]


Humidity stupidity

Guise, I cannot stand the weather right now right here. Everything is disgusting and humid. Granted, the one day I went to the city and the one day I went to an outdoors outlet mall, the weather was stunning and beautiful: no humidity at all; the perfect amount of sunlight; and a nice, cool breeze. […]

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Yes, we do poop

As goddess-like I am in beauty and mind and all that, yes, I, like all women, do indeed have the normal bodily functions of mere mortals. I thought this was the strangest thing. I see this come up sometimes–although not a whole lot–on media and even amongst my guy friends, and I was surprised when […]

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I’m YouTube comments

I know that you don’t mean to sound this way, but some people, not me, might consider it a bit rude that you take your husband for granted like that. He seems to do so much for you and there are, like, lots of women who’d love to be in your place. Just saying. Oh […]

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Hi I’m *insert fandom name* here to show support for an artist other than my idol–I know, I’m ah-mazing

Gasp! OMG, there’s someone from another fandom here to show support for our fandom? What miraculous sorcery is this? Seriously. What is so amazing about being from another fandom showing support for another artist? I see this all the time in Kpop videos and it annoys me, mostly because I’m cynical and irritable and blah blah […]

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